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S t e v e  R a p h a e l
© 2013-2017 Steve Raphael, Germany All rights reserved

Use professionally produced music for your commercial or

private Youtube videos for free!

Youtube: Creative Commons (cc-by) Just attribution; commercial usage/monetization is allowed.
Other Websites than Youtube:  Creative Commons (cc-by-nc) Attribution and only non-commercial purposes If your video is downloadable, please, place the attribution within the video not just in the description.
More commercial licenses are available here: 
If you have any question, please write to: license (AT) steveraphael.com
Licenses of the music listed below:

More commercial music is available here.

The attribution should be something like Music: Steve Raphael - www.steveraphael.com The use of the music without the attribution is prohibited! If you'd like to use the music without the attribution, please purchase a commercial license here.