2018/01/01 New song + video published: Lost Culture 2017/01/08 Steve’s music is available for licensing on Motionelements from Singapore. 2017/04/22 Steve participated with his track “Persia” in the PeaceApp project of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations. 2016/09/01 Steve’s studio moved to the beautiful German town of Kehl-Kork near the French city Strasbourg. 2016/03/16 Steve’s music is available on Productiontrax now, a high quality royalty-free music marketplace. 2016/01/05 The collection Epic Soundtracks was added on the page with commercial royalty-free music. 2015/11/03 Steve’s music is available on Musicrevolution now, a high quality royalty-free music marketplace. 2015/11/01 Steve's track Epic Glory Trailer was used for a advertising of a game of the Israeli National Team on Israeli TV. 2015/09/09 Steve’s track Skogen (feat. Oddrun Eikli) was used in the Argentinian shortfilm Ilusiones Perdidas. 2015/09/03 Steve is associate of the Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S). C3S is a German performance rights organisation (PRO) in formation. 2015/06/20 Steve’s music is available on Luckstock now, a high quality royalty-free music marketplace. 2015/04/21 All 8 tunes of “Jazz Not Jazz” are in rotation on Coolradio Jazz, a great German radio station. Coolradio broadcasts on the air (DAB/Band III) and via webstream. 2015/04/01 The tracks “Night on Earth” and “Susan in the Jazz Lounge” are available on Soundreef. Soundreef provides top quality background music for businesses around the world. 2015/03/18 Steve published “Soundtracks Vol. 2”, a new album with tracks for commercial usage. 2015/02/19 Steve’s track “Night On Earth” from the new album “Jazz Not Jazz” is in rotation on GrooveFM, a great webradio for Jazz/Funk/Electronic. 2015/02/16 Steve is listed now on one of the leading websites for Jazz “All About Jazz”. 2015/02/13 Steve’s music is available now on Pond5, a high quality royalty-free music marketplace. 2015/02/12 The track “Rain on May 1st” from the new album “Jazz Not Jazz” was downloaded more than 2.000 times during the first week after publishing. 2015/02/02 Review of Steve’s new album “Jazz Not Jazz” by Barbara Wolfsong / Portland on her blog: “Chilly jazz with a personality. The kind of jazz to put you in a relaxed mood and give you visions. Also it's great background music for melancholic scenes of dark nights and rain shiny streets of a steamy city as we walk along the lonely places . . .” 2015/02/02 Steve published a new album entitled “Jazz Not Jazz”. The idea behind this album is to combine a Miles Davis alike (smoother) Jazz with a melodic santana-esque guitar, tribal percussion (like Udu and Cajón), electronic drums and upright bass. 2015/01/12 Steve published a new album entitled “Soundtracks Vol. 1”. The album contains a couple of tracks in different styles for commercial use in films, games, commercials, etc. 2015/01/06 Steve’s song “Have You Ever Loved?” reached a top 10 position in the Swiss CC Soul charts. 2014/12/22 Ron Jammin made an animated short and used some tracks of my Christmas album Solemn Classical Christmas Songs”. 2014/11/30 Steve published a new album entitled “Solemn Classical Christmas Songs” with traditional Christmas music. The download is free under Creative Commons license in the store here on this website. 2014/11/29 Steve’s album ‘”Atmosphere” was reviewed at wolfsongsmusic.blogspot.de: “This music has so much power . ..  great listening . ..  beautiful chill. Using everything from the celestial harp, to the rocking electric guitar . ..  to the whispering flute . . I find the music in this album, creative enough touch all emotions . . . to energize the spirit and to calm the heart . . . “ 2014/11/27 Steve published the EP “Susan In The Jazz Lounge” which includes 4 tracks. The download is free under Creative Commons license. 2014/10/26 Steve wrote and recorded the music for two commercial spots on Polish and Romanian TV, for a technology and a beverage brand. 2014/10/23 Steve’s latest track “Miles to go” got a top listing in the category “Jazz” on Soundcloud, the world leading social sound platform with more than 10 mio users. 2014/08/26 Steve plays the lead guitar on a local Rock project by Snake Stone (Appenweier) and Rob Notes (Kehl) (see Music/Snake Stone - ft. Steve Raphael & Rob Notes) 2014/05/09 Steve played the lead guitar on a British/Portuguese/American production called The In Between (see Music/Work For Others) 2014/03/04 “A Escolha da Semana” Steve is featured at iPressGlobal by António Antunes (author cultura e música at iPressGlobal) with his track Snowfall which is part of his last album City Lights. PDF  Link 2013/10/29 Launch of this website www.steveraphael.com in a new design 2013/09/24 Steve was chosen as Soundclouder Of The Day by the Soundcloud community. The track is Susan in the Jazz Lounge, recorded with the vocalist Ami Gedgaudas. Facebook-Soundcloud 2013/09/10 Steve is featured together with three other guitarists from USA, Israel and the Netherlands on La Maison Bleue, a French site for modern arts. 2013/08/25 The instrumental version of Before We Said Goodbye becomes the most popular track of the week in the category Instrumental Rock on Soundcloud. 2013/08/20 The new tune Before We Said Goodbye is published on Soundcloud in a vocalized and an instrumental version. 2013/06/17 Steve’s Susan in the Jazz Lounge becomes the most popular track in the category Smooth Jazz on Soundcloud: SC-Jazz 2013/06/02 Steve’s track Jazzthing becomes the most popular track in the category Nu Jazz on Soundcloud with more than 6.000 plays during the first week after publishing: NuJazz 2013/03/15 Steve’s new album City Lights is available now in most online stores.


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