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Stockmusic for Commercial Media
Jazz, Acidjazz and Fusion
Oktoberfest German / Bavarian Folk
German and Bavarian Folk and Fun Music

The music listed below is produced with modern top-of-the-line

studio equipment for the usage in commercial projects like films,

documentaries, video games, monetized Youtube channels, advertising, ...

Commercial worldwide licences are available e. g. on Steve’s Pond5 and

ProductionTrax market places:

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Commercials / Corporate
Music written for commercials or filmclips
Music for films and videoclips
Christmas Music
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Lounge Jazz
Smooth Jazz
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Epic Soundtracks
Epic orchestral music for films and video games

Commercial Stock Music

Film  *  TV  *  Video Games  *  Commercials

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World Music
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Indie and Acoustic Rock, Orchestral Rock
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