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Music under Creative Commons


S t e v e  R a p h a e l
© 2013-2018 Steve Raphael, Germany All rights reserved

Use professionally produced music for your commercial or

private projects for free!

You may use this music for free for any kind of project, regardless whether it's commercial/monetized or not, with the exception of resampling/building new music upon my tracks. The only thing I require is a link to my Youtube-Channel as described below. To use this music without this attribution requires to pay a license fee (see below). License: Videos incl. monetization: allowed Commercial use: allowed Resampling:  not allowed (i. e. building new music upon this track) Use without attribution: see below Free audio download: see song description
If you have any question, please write to: license (AT) steveraphael.com
Licenses of the music under Creative Commons (CC-BY):
The attribution is strictly required. Please use: "Music by Steve Raphael" + a link to my Youtube-Channel (see track description) The use the music without the attribution:  License fee: 50,- USD/EUR Payment via Paypal.Me: paypal.me/steveraphaelmusic I hereby grant you a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual right and license to use this track without the attribution in any kind of project, except resampling/building new musical work upon it. Please, send me an email (info@steveraphael.com) with the following information: Name of the Project (if possible): Name and postal address of the licensee: Name of the sender of the payment: Name of the song you wish to license: I’ll send you in response a written proof of purchase/license.
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